After your event has taken place, we’ll email you with a link to leave a review for the supplier.

If you were happy with the supplier, you simply need to click on the link and fill out the form with your star rating and a short message. If you have pictures of the supplier’s work from your event, other organisers would love to see! 

If you weren’t satisfied with the supplier, we have a multi-stage process for leaving a review. First, you will be invited to provide us with feedback. We will notify the supplier of your dissatisfaction and they’ll have some time to resolve the problem. 

After seven days, we’ll contact you again and invite you to leave a public review of the supplier. If it’s three stars or above, it will appear on their profile immediately. If it’s below three stars, they’ll be given seven days to add a response to your review before it’s published on their profile. 

We’ve found this process to be successful in preventing miscommunications and resolving issues to the satisfaction of both parties. 

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