You receive requests based on your location and the services you have selected for your profile. You can reduce the number of requests you’re receiving by decreasing your coverage distance or removing services from your profile. 

To change your Job Preferences, log into your account and select the ‘Services’ tab. You can add or change the area you’d like to provide the service, the types of events you’d like to work with, and other specifics. 

You can select as few as 5 miles of coverage for each service. The lower you set your coverage distance, the fewer requests you will receive. 

Remember, Add to Event measures distances ‘as the crow flies’ - so you should always double-check how accessible an event is for you in driving distance. Click on the request to see more details about the driving distance.

Adding or removing services can have a huge influence over your requests. Play around to make sure you’re receiving the best requests for your business. The fewer services you have, the fewer requests you’ll receive. 

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