The number of credits required to send a quote depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the event and the services you’ll provide. Credits are available to purchase in bundles of 20, 40, and 80, with one credit priced at 80p - £1 (plus VAT) depending on the size of the bundle. 

We take into account a number of different variables when assigning a credit value to a request. These include:

  • Potential value of the job 
  • Size of event
  • Public, private, or corporate 
  • Competition within local area

We’re constantly improving the credit value algorithm to keep the system fair and reasonable. 

You will see the number of credits a quote would require at the top of an organiser’s request, so you can quickly decide if you’d like to respond. 

After your quote, any correspondence with an organiser is absolutely free.

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